Weltausstellung / World Expo 2012

  • The Dutch micronation Batavia is hosting the 2012 world exposition around the theme "industrialization", but use this theme as much or as little as suits you. If you have never been to a micronational world exposition you could take a look at last year's expo which was hosted by the Bastion Union. The basic idea is that all participating nations get a pavilion, a subforum, in which they will post some topics to display the magnificence of their nation. If you're willing to participate please be able to create at least 5 reasonable topics for in your pavilion.

    I think it would be really cool to see some German nations joining our Expo, don't be afraid to use a little German either. The perfect situation would be to use both German and English. You can register here untill the 1st of August, but that is a soft deadline. Start posting in your subforum on the 8th of August or contact me if that doesn't work out because of holidays. I hope to see all of you!

  • It is somewhat bigger than our last vexpo (v for virtual) and since no one knows if we get one this year there might be people who will participate.