• Hola!

    Eine gute Freundin aus den USA von mir schreibt gerade ihre Bachelor Thesis. Grob geht es darum, wie deutsche Jugendliche (14 - 25) heute gegenüber dem Holocaust während des 2. Weltkrieges eingestellt sind.

    Sie bat mich um Mithilfe, indem ich ein paar Statements "einsammel". Ihr würdet mir also einen Bärendienst erweisen, wenn ihr vielleicht ein kurzes Statement dazu abgeben könntet. Gerne auch per PM oder gar anonym per Email (pkaethe[at]web[punkt]de). Ein paar Sätze würden schon reichen - Englisch oder Deutsch ist egal. Bitte gebt euer Alter dazu an. :)

    Die konkrete Anfrage:
    "I want to know what young Germans think about the Holocaust. Tell me anything you want to. And maybe... how did you learn about it in school? How was it talked about or referred to when you were growing up?"

    (Deutsch: "Ich möchte gerne wissen, wie deutsche Jugendliche über den Holocaust denken. Erzähl mir alles, was du willst. Wie wurde es in der Schule vermittelt? Wie wurde darüber gesprochen bzw. dazu Bezug genommen während Du aufgewachsen bist?")

    Danke! :)

  • The Holocaust was one of the most terrifying in human history. I for myself had the topic "Holocaust" (or shoa as we jews refer it) 4 times in my school career. And we visited once the konzentrationslater (concentration camp ... not death camp) near munich. We had a exchange student from texas in our class that year. It was a very embarrassing situation to walk through the memorial place which dachau is for now.
    becouse i descend from german jews (my maternal grand dad (i hope this translation is correct at all...) was jewish and just survived becouse a protestant priest faked a birth certificate in which he don't refered as "jewish".
    I don't believe in some kind of original sin but the things happened in germany 60 and 70 years ago are just as terrifying as they was yesterday. And we got remindet every second day.
    And the most degusting thing at last: "Du Jude!" ("you jew!" in english) becomes a swearword again, thats alarming.

    Da hast du, und wünsch der Dame viel Erfolg! :)

  • Oh, damit wird ja meine Altersgruppe angesprochen. Genauso wie bei den sinnvollen Werbungen auf MTV und VIVA. ;)

    Man will ja helfen, und nachdem mich sowohl Geschichte als auch Englisch interessieren...

    The Holocaust is a considerable event of our history because I think that it still shapes the worldwide image of the Germans very strong today. It gives us also the knowledge about what can happen if antipathy against a particular population group cumulates and the awareness that it is necessary to hold acceptance of all humans up in order to support a fair society.
    In school I went through the Holocaust during the 9th grade by learning about its background, its procedure and its results. I've also been visiting the Dachau concentration camp several times with the school and with the parish.
    To be honestly, it was sadly used to make jokes about the victims of the Holocaust when I was a child. But in my parents' house the incidents have been clarified early and earnestly, so that myself was able to respect the victims.
    edit: Bavarian student, nearly 17 years ;)

    Zufrieden? :)
    Ich hoffe mir sind keine bösen Fehler unterlaufen.
    Und viel Erfolg auch von mir.

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  • Well, to make two things clear:
    a.) Holocaust was bad.
    b.) I do not feel bad about it.

    Holocaust was a topic in school, several times. To be honest: it was terrible to hear this story over and over again. If I could change what happened then (Nazi-germany, not my school...though... well, another topic), I would do it, but I can't so I won't. However, I don't think that I have to have a guilty conscience because I shot none of the victims and I didn't chase them through the city to burn them down or other stuff like this. I think germany should recover from it. I can laugh about John Cleese dressed up as Hitler pedalling through london for some strange sketches. Also in my mind is that america has to get over it. I don't know what americans know about germany today but it seems that many americans (at least in "lower social classes") think, that Hitler is still running this land. No, he isn't. We can be stupid on ourselves and we will rule the world without him. Muahahaha. Ehm.

  • The story of the Shoa was told to me at first by my grandfather who was one of the few to escape a deathcamp named Sobibor,and lived to tell..
    The German machinery of destruction ,one must not forget ,worked near to perfect and 99% of those wo fell prey to it would simply not believe that they where about to be killed.
    The verry idea to get arrested, carried away and be killed simply sounded to unlogical to most Jew`s in the proces and even today many people still find it near to imposible to believe that the Shoa actualy took place.
    Shoa is a thing that never should have happend but did we realy learn from it? ,did we?
    One thing should never be done as well and that is to make the son`s inhertance bearers of what there fathers did ,to put it simple do not blame the younger germans for what happend during 1933 until 1945 that would be highly unfair and unjust.
    If we want to live in a safe world we must stop and fight extremism wherever we meet it ,head on if must be.

  • Schön und gut, aber es geht explizit um deutsche Jugendliche. Der Ösi gehört irgendwie auch noch dazu...(bitte jetzt keineswegs falsch verstehen)

    Aber Norwegen/Holland/Israel/"Was-weiß-ich-nichtstan" is out of scope. Trotzdem danke. :)